CFW Partners with The Ride on “Couture & Luxury Fashion Tour”

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Andres Aquino, designer and producer of Couture Fashion Week New York, and Richard Humphrey, president of The Ride, have announced the launch of the “Couture & Luxury Fashion Tour”, a collaborative partnership between Couture Fashion Week and The Ride, Inc.

To celebrate the launch, The Ride will take a group of models, photographers and a CFW creative team through midtown New York on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 for a “Couture Tour,” a flash fashion show and photo shoot at the following destinations:

2:15 pm. First stop is 46th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue
2:45 pm. Second stop is 7th Avenue and 39th Street, Fashion District, at the famous NEEDLE AND BUTTON SCULPTURE
3:30 pm. Third stop is the corner of West Broadway and Broome Street in Soho

The press and the public will await the couture team at each stop with their cameras and cell phones ready to shoot and report. A team of models will step out of the bus at each destination for a brief fashion show for the people on the street. Fashion will be by Andres Aquino, hair by Elie Esper, and makeup by Lancome directed by Tarek Abbas. In partnership with Berkeley College, CFW will also conduct a social media campaign to drive turnout at each stop, carried out by Berkeley students.

Upcoming Couture & Luxury Fashion Tours will take tourists on an unforgettable journey to iconic fashion landmarks, along selected fashion routes covering the Fashion District and upscale and popular luxury shopping destinations. The Tour will also include trunk shows and pop-up fashion shows. “I am very excited about this new project in partnership with The Ride because it follows our core philosophy of bringing fashion to the people,” says producer Andres Aquino. “It celebrates New York as the Fashion Capital of the World. People come to New York for fashion and this is a beautiful fashion experience that follows the tradition we have followed since 2005, with Couture Fashion Week now in its 17th season.”

THE RIDE is a groundbreaking one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that turns the streets of New York into a stage – and the guests have front row seats. New York City’s critically acclaimed theatrical experience comes to life in the heart of Times Square, part tour and part show. With stadium seating, 40 monitors, 3,000 LED lights, and surround sound, THE RIDE is the world’s only moving theater. THE RIDE’s ensemble cast of singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and comedians are discovered along a 75-minute journey through Times Square and midtown Manhattan. The iconic landmarks of the city unfold before the eyes of audience members facing sideways out of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, delivering unparalleled panoramic and vertical views of Manhattan. The Today Show agrees that The Ride is “the hottest way to see New York.” The Ride is proud to announce its innovative collaboration with Couture Fashion Week. More information at

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Andres Aquino’s “First Lady Collection” at CFW is Inspired by Timeless Style and Elegance

Andres Aquino fashion show

Designer Andres Aquino will present his Fall 2013 womenswear collection at Couture Fashion Week New York at 8:00 pm on Saturday February 16, 2013. The fashion show will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the landmark New Yorker Hotel, Eighth Avenue and 34th Street, in the city’s Fashion District.

Entitled “The First Lady Collection”, the designs embody the elegance and sophistication of First Ladies around the world, past and present, who have inspired fashion trends and admiration for their accomplishments as well as their style sense. The collection will be accessorized by exquisite pearl jewelry and embellishments by Lucoral & Lupearl, an industry leader for over half a century. The Lucoral & Lupearl Group, headed by Mr. Johnny Lu, owns and operates the largest pearl farm in the South China Sea and employs 6,000 skilled craftsmen. Lucoral & Lupearl jewelry has been worn and admired by celebrities and dignitaries worldwide including Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II, among many others. Most recently, Mr. Lu presented pearl jewelry samples to First Lady Michelle Obama for the inauguration of President Barak Obama’s second term in office.

“I am delighted to be partnering with Johnny Lu and Lucoral & Lupearl on this season’s collection,” says designer Andres Aquino. “Pearls have a delicate beauty, yet they are strong. Their classic and natural beauty is timeless, much like the women for whom I design.” Mr. Aquino added: “I believe the partnership with Lucoral will be mutually beneficial. Johnny Lu’s dedication and passion for jewelry, and specifically pearls, is amazing… together we are a storm of energy.”

For the fabrics for “The First Lady Collection”, Andres Aquino has teamed up with Mood Designer Fabrics, the largest and most popular fabric source in New York City. Mood’s team of experts and professional customer service are legendary in the Fashion District. Mood’s high quality fabrics have been featured on popular programs like Project Runway and The Apprentice, and often appear in the collections of top fashion designers.

Mr. Aquino’s February 16, 2013 fashion show will also include his signature musical entertainment elements, always a hit with the attending audiences. A roster of top Broadway performers is slated to participate in the show, in partnership with the Broadway Sings for Pride Foundation, a leader in the fight against AIDs.

The inspired makeup and hair designs for the fashion show will be done by Tarek Abbas for Lancome and Elie Esper and their talented teams, the official makeup and hair stylists for Couture Fashion Week.

Andres Aquino is also the founder and producer or Couture Fashion Week New York, now entering its 17th season presenting exceptional designers from around the world. He has shown his collections at prestigious fashion events worldwide including in Dubai, Bucharest, New Delhi, Mexico and the Caribbean, and has been featured in top fashion media including Collezioni, Book Moda, ModaStyle International, Fashion TV, and more.