Marcia Ganem to Show Collection Linking Fashion, Art and Jewelry at Couture Fashion Week New York

imageInternationally renowned Brazilian fashion designer Marcia Ganem will present her latest collection at Couture Fashion Week for the first time at 2:00 pm on Saturday September 7, 2013. The runway show will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue, in the heart of the city’s Fashion District.

Marcia Ganem’s designs represent a strong link between fashion, art and jewelry with the use of innovative techniques and materials developed through extensive research. One of these techniques, now Ms. Ganem’s trademark, is the use of recycled Polyamide Fibers, be they natural, dyed, or knotted with semi-precious gems. Through the use of new materials and the incorporation of native tradition, Ms. Ganem’s distinctive designs are both backward- and forward-looking.

The designer, who has been in business for over 16 years, is part of a select group that regularly participates in Fashion Rio. The great link between innovation and Brazilian cultural identity present in her collections has earned Marcia Ganem a place in the spotlight of one of Brazil’s most prestigious fashion events. She has also shown her designs in London, Paris and Tokyo.

Marcia Ganem has a production project committed to research, innovation and the continuous involvement of artisan cooperatives and productive associations. This project supports traditional handicrafts, creating new market opportunities and generating sustainability in the communities involved. Because of the intricate work with semi-precious stones incorporated into many of her designs, Ms. Ganem is also a member of the Brazilian Guild, a group of jewelry designers well known in the international market, as well as the group Joias da Cor do Brasil, which promotes Brazilian jewelry internationally. Marcia Ganem is president of Bahia Fashion and Culture – ABC Moda and the Institute of Design and Innovation.

Marcia Ganem has been featured in publications worldwide including Vogue, Mag!, Brazil Fashion, Ibiza Style, and Trendsetter. Celebrities who have worn her designs include Alicia Keyes.

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CFW to Include Parisian Jewelry Designs of Didier Peiro

Jewelry by Didier Peiro

Couture Fashion Week producer and fashion designer Andres Aquino will be teaming up with renowned Parisian couture jewelry designer Didier Peiro for his next fashion show to be held on Saturday, February 13, 2010 in the Grand Ballroom of the world-famous Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The latest fashion designs by Mr. Aquino will be complemented by hand crafted original jewelry creations by Mr. Peiro.

Didier Peiro learned his craft from the masters of jewelry design in the Oriental-Occidental tradition and refined his unique style for the most fashionable fashion houses of Paris. “All accessories are jewelry to me,” he says. “I work with the designer on each ensemble and create an exceptional piece of jewelry to highlight the design detail. Andres’s dramatic fashion statements will be an ideal opportunity to exhibit my passion for the unique and unusual in couture accessories.”

Jani Caroli, the exclusive representative for Didier Peiro’s collection in the United States says, “As a designer, his work attracted my attention because of its rich layering of gold plaque, semi-precious gems, unique hand-carved stones and antique coins from the Far East. His pieces are asymmetrical,” she explains, “and offer the eye and the hand endless discoveries in the details of each piece.”

Peiro is inspired by nature as he shops the exotic bazaars and shops of the world for inspiration and one-of-a-kind acquisitions to incorporate into his necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories. Peiro believes that these gems and stones of the earth can take us back to our roots and replenish our souls when we connect with them. “My pieces have an energy and mystery about them that makes them timeless. I create my couture jewelry for those who care about detail, love beautiful objects d’art and aim for perfection in their personal appearance. I know that, together, Andres and I will produce a stunning collection this year.”

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