A Perfect Match: Art and Couture

Art background by Alexandra Popescu-York at the Andres Aquino fashion show
Did you know that in addition to the fabulous fashion shows, trend-setting hair and makeup designs, and glam after parties, Couture Fashion Week New York also showcases stunning works of art by talented visual artists? The recent “Mon Amour” fashion show by Andres Aquino featured this beautiful art background by artist and fashion designer Alexandra Popescu-York. More artists at Couture Fashion Week. For information on art and other exhibit space, contact newyorkfashionshows@yahoo.com or submit the online form.

Marcia Ganem to Show Collection Linking Fashion, Art and Jewelry at Couture Fashion Week New York

imageInternationally renowned Brazilian fashion designer Marcia Ganem will present her latest collection at Couture Fashion Week for the first time at 2:00 pm on Saturday September 7, 2013. The runway show will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue, in the heart of the city’s Fashion District.

Marcia Ganem’s designs represent a strong link between fashion, art and jewelry with the use of innovative techniques and materials developed through extensive research. One of these techniques, now Ms. Ganem’s trademark, is the use of recycled Polyamide Fibers, be they natural, dyed, or knotted with semi-precious gems. Through the use of new materials and the incorporation of native tradition, Ms. Ganem’s distinctive designs are both backward- and forward-looking.

The designer, who has been in business for over 16 years, is part of a select group that regularly participates in Fashion Rio. The great link between innovation and Brazilian cultural identity present in her collections has earned Marcia Ganem a place in the spotlight of one of Brazil’s most prestigious fashion events. She has also shown her designs in London, Paris and Tokyo.

Marcia Ganem has a production project committed to research, innovation and the continuous involvement of artisan cooperatives and productive associations. This project supports traditional handicrafts, creating new market opportunities and generating sustainability in the communities involved. Because of the intricate work with semi-precious stones incorporated into many of her designs, Ms. Ganem is also a member of the Brazilian Guild, a group of jewelry designers well known in the international market, as well as the group Joias da Cor do Brasil, which promotes Brazilian jewelry internationally. Marcia Ganem is president of Bahia Fashion and Culture – ABC Moda and the Institute of Design and Innovation.

Marcia Ganem has been featured in publications worldwide including Vogue, Mag!, Brazil Fashion, Ibiza Style, and Trendsetter. Celebrities who have worn her designs include Alicia Keyes.

More information: http://www.marciaganem.com.br

Unique Collaborative Mural Painting Led by Renowned Artist Zhang Wenxiang at CFW

Couture Fashion Week New York closed its Spring 2013 season with a unique twist: a collective mural painting celebrating the event’s growing global reach. The painting was kicked off by famed artist Zhang Wenxiang who flew in from China for the occasion. The artist was introduced by Jeniffer Young, founder and president of UNESCHAF (United Nations Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation). Mr. Zhang painted his own interpretation of Couture Fashion Week’s distinctive logo along with other fanciful images. The audience, designers, models and staff joined in, brushes in hand, in what became a collective mural: a mix of fine art and graffiti art.

“We were delighted to have the interactive participation of the audience in this spontaneous project,” said Andres Aquino, founder and producer of Couture Fashion Week. “It fits perfectly with our philosophy of creating accessible fashion and art. It has always been our goal to break down the elitist barrier that has long existed between the fashion industry elite and consumers, who after all, are the ones buying and paying for the art of fashion.”

Zhang Wenxiang is widely regarded as one of China’s most outstanding living artists. His fresh and chic style is a combination of China’s North and South Schools and fuses the strength of the ancestral painters of the East and West. His paintings are well-known for their rich poetic content. His work has been exhibited around the world at prestigious exhibitions and collections including Zhongnanhai, People’s Great Hall, the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, United Nations headquarters, and the Xu Beihong Memorial, to name just a few. He has received over 50 top awards from art exhibitions over the years. His masterwork, Overlooking Old Hometown, which was included in the 2008 Olympic International Collection, was auctioned for RMB 2.3 million (US$370,000). Mr. Zhang has been received by many world leaders who collect his works, including Hua Guofeng, Deng Xiaopeng, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jiantao, Ronald Reagan, Vladimir Putin, and many more.

In 1998, following the call for increased Western development by the CPC Central Committee, Mr. Zhang led a team of artists for 7 years completing a 1,000-meter long painting entitled The Change of the West, the longest painting ever created in Chinese history. In 2008 his artists organization donated over RMB 12 million (US$1.9 million) for the Wenchuan earthquake victims in Sichuan earning great public recognition.  A further RMB 1 million (US$160,000) was donated to support relief efforts for victims of the drought in southwest China in 2010. Also in 2010, Mr. Zhang was named Most Socially Responsible Artist at the NPC Forum, among other distinguished honors including International Friendship Ambassador and the Gold Award and Peace Contribution Award during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Jet Art Luxury Original and Giclee Jeans to be Shown at CFW

jet art at couture fashion week

The latest unique amalgam of art and fashion by Jet Art Fashions will be shown on the runway during the upcomingCouture Fashion Week in New York City. The fashion show will be held at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 18, 2012 in the iconic Grand Ballroom of the world-famous Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Jet Art Fashions has merged the spirit of art with the use of modern technology taking fashion into a new era. The company’s line of ultra chic Premium Denims, one-of-a-kind artwear was created from an original art form, Jet Art, by directing paint into the blast of a jet engine, a force several times greater than hurricane winds. The 500-degree heat and enormous velocity blend the colors and welds the paint onto these novel denim canvases, making every pair of jeans unique, made with man’s greatest transportation tool of its time, the Jet Plane. Capturing a moment in time, this can never be reproduced even by the artist.

Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt, using the highly original technique developed by her late husband, the world renowned expressionist artist Prince Jurgen Von Anhalt, is continuing his legacy. During his illustrious career Prince Von Anhalt created unique paintings often executed amidst the roll of TV cameras and before crowds of enthralled spectators at airports in such cities as Acapulco, St. Tropez, London, Miami, Dallas, Palm Beach and Palm Springs among others. The artist was featured on major television programming includingGood Morning America and the Discovery Channel.

Prince Von Anhalt’s art has been acquired by collectors worldwide including top names in business, government and finance, royalty, celebrities and major corporations.

Princess Tarinan, the first woman in the world to get behind the jet engine, has extended her late husband’s artistic vision into the field of luxury fashion. Her vibrant and colorful line of wearable art debuting at Couture, never seen before, includes the most expensive premium denims ever offered.  As Tarinan explains, “you are not buying jeans, you are collecting art.”

Included in the collection are extravagant silk scarves rendered from Jet Art Paintings, onto the finest silk chiffon.

Major Jet Art paintings by Jurgen von Anhalt from a private collection will be available for viewing outside the Grand Ballroom on the evening of the show only.

Visit the company’s website for more information: www.jetartworld.com

Art by Renowned Surrealist Michael Cheval to be Exhibited at Couture Fashion Week New York



Fine art by Michael Cheval

One of the fine artists and other product and service exhibitors at the next Couture Fashion Week event in New York City will be award-winning surrealist artist Michael Cheval. Mr. Cheval’s paintings will be on display at the prestigious event September 16-18, 2011 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

A native of the small town of Kotelnikovo in southern Russia, Michael Cheval grew up among paints and brushes, canvases and easels. His grandfather, a professional artist and sculptor, encouraged Michael’s love for drawing in his early childhood. At age 3, he could already draw complex multi-figured compositions, illustrating his fantasies and impressions.

In 1980, Mr. Cheval and his family moved to Germany. The new setting made a great impression on the young artist. Museums and castles, ancient streets and the wonderful landscapes of southern Germany permanently defined Michael’s tastes and predilections. Always interested in history and literature, Mr. Cheval became absorbed in music, organizing a band and devoting a number of years to rock ‘n’ roll. He composed songs and wrote poetry.

After finishing school and serving in the Soviet Army, Mr. Cheval moved to Nebit-Dag, a Turkmenistan city in the middle of the Kara-Kum desert, near the Iranian border. He absorbed Oriental philosophy and the character of Central Asia, and worked as an independent professional artist, shaping his style and surrealistic direction. He collaborated with several theaters and publishing houses in Nebit-Dag and Ashgabad and earned a degree from the Ashgabad School of Fine Art. Mr. Cheval’s first solo exhibition was held at Turkmenistan’s National Museum of Fine Art in 1990. A few years later he moved to Moscow where he worked for a number of publishers including the prestigious Planeta publishing house.

Michael Cheval’s decision to immigrate to the USA in 1997 marked the start of a new epoch for the artist. He returned to the Western culture that greatly inspired him in his youth, but now he brought his own experience, philosophy and vision. In 1998, he became a member of the esteemed New York National Arts Club, where in 2000 he was recognized with the Exhibition Committee Award at the annual club exhibition.

Mr. Cheval regularly exhibits in various New York and European galleries. He is a member of the Society for Art of Imagination (London, UK) participating in the Association’s annual exhibitions.

Since 2001, Mr. Cheval’s his work has been shown at Art Expo, the international trade show held annually at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York. In 2003 Mr. Cheval participated in the famous “Brave Destiny” exhibition, held in the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn along with such celebrated artists as H. R. Giger and Ernst Fuchs. In 2006 his work was included in the “Feast of Imagination” exposition at the H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, Switzerland. In 2008 he was accepted as a participant in the “Dreamscape 2009” exhibition in Amsterdam and his work was included in the booksDreamscape and Dreamscape 2010 along with 50 world-famous surrealist artists.

In 2009 Michael Cheval’s work was selected to be included in the Best Of Worldwide Artists, Volume I book series (Kennedy Publishing, USA), and in the same year he was recognized with the Palm Art Award by the Palm Art Award Jury and Art Domain Gallery (Leipzig). In 2010 Mr. Cheval’s art was published in the Danish book Imaginaire and he participated in “April’s Fool”, an exhibition organized by Fantasmus Art.

Michael Cheval recently completed the official portrait commissioned by world-renowned actress and artist Gina Lollobrigida.

Mr. Cheval’s first monograph album Lullabies was published in collaboration with Interart Gallery in 2003. In 2007 he published his second album, Nature of Absurdity, that defines his unique style and vision. Absurdity is a starting point of his creations. He identifies his art with the Theater of the Absurd of Beckett and Ionesco, and the films of Greenaway and Bunuel.

Visit the artist’s website for more information: http://www.chevalfineart.com/