Andres Aquino’s Fantaisie Nocturne Collection

andres aquino fashion

The sculptures and illustrations of many Parisian artists serve as the inspiration for Andres Aquino’s new collection, fusing Parisian sophistication with New York City energy. “I love art, poetry, architecture, dance and history,” says Mr. Aquino. “All of these influence the components of color, romance and fun I strive to incorporate into my fashion designs. Paris has always inspired poets and artists, and New York energizes the artistic creative process.”

The 8:00 p.m. show on February 18 will  open with  the latest collection of luxury original and giclee denims and accessories by designer Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt for her Jet Art label. The highly creative presentation will be followed by the Andres Aquino evening couture collection accompanied by an array of entertainers.

A writer, poet, successful entrepreneur, accomplished fine art photographer and fashion designer, Andres Aquino is also the founder and producer of Couture Fashion Week in New York. He has received multiple awards for his contribution to the fashion industry including the EL Award (El Diario New York), Legacy Award (Latin Fashion Week, Washington, D.C.), and Style Fashion Leader & Inspiration Award (SUNY Westchester Community College), among others. His fashion designs are consistently classic and elegant in their construction, with a focus on allowing the wearer’s natural beauty and style to shine through. His creations have been shown on the runway in Dubai, Romania, India, the Dominican Republic and USA among other locations, and his work has been featured in top fashion publications and media around the world.

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