German Designer Marco Marcu to Present Language of Flowers Collection at Couture Fashion Week New York

model in purple dress by designer marco marcu

Award-winning German designer Marco Marcu will show his latest collection entitled “The Language of Flowers” at Couture Fashion Week at 6:00 p.m. on Friday September 10, 2010. The fashion show will be held in the renowned Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue, New York City.

Mr. Marcu burst on the European fashion scene with a stunning presentation at the Enkamania Fashion Awards in 1998. He went on to open his own signature design studio and retail boutique. He has shown his creations on runways from Frankfurt and Berlin to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He has designed spectacular gowns for many beauty queens and is the official fashion designer for Miss World and Miss Germany 2009 through 2011. His numerous awards and distinctions include the Wash Couture Fashion Award, a special prize at the Frankfurt Exhibition, being named an Aenne Burda Laureate, being a finalist on multiple occasions in the prestigious Modedesigner Cup competition and being nominated for the 2010 German Fashion Film Award.

Drawing inspiration from such legendary fashion icons as Catherine Deneuve, Marlene Dietrich and Sophia Loren, Mr. Marcu believes that true elegance is without ostentatious effects that detract from an expertly tailored design, the perfect drape of fabric or an impeccable fit. He is noted for his simple cuts with unexpected fabric effects rendered in metallic prints, reptile motifs and trimmings. His designs use the finest fabrics including delicate chiffon, soft denim, silk jacquard, taffeta and luxurious lace, often embellished with sequins and glossy effects. He also designs bridal gowns, beachwear and accessories.

Mr. Marcu’s “The Language of Flowers” collection to be shown at Couture Fashion Week New York, is inspired by the colors and shapes of nature. Softly blended flower petal shades of red, yellow, violet, orange, white and green predominate. Jewelry includes cuffs, chains and earrings of wood, glass and beads.

“Flowers are among the things I love most,” says the designer. “My atelier and my home are always filled with them. They form an integral part of my work style and way of life. My favorite flower is the rose. It is a perfect layering of opposites: fragility and subtle elegance, delicate sensitivity and sheer sensuality.”

Visit the designer’s website for more information:


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